Widest range of paper support

Discus is flexible. You can print on plain paper, precut paper, and of course the latest direct-to-cd inkjets. These printers feed a CD or DVD in with a plastic caddy and enable you to print directly onto special inkjet printable CD-R and DVD-R media. We support every known direct printer on the market:

Discus is so convenient and powerful, that many people use it for signs, posters, greeting cards, receipts, tickets and many other projects. To facilitate this Discus includes a variety of free form projects for printing on plain sheets of paper. The plain paper projects print cropmarks so that you can more easily cut down a sheet of paper to fit.

For use with any ordinary inkjet or laser printer, Discus supports thousands of sheetfed paper labels:

Did you really scroll down through the whole list? Didn't find the label you were looking for? Because when that rare event occurs where you find a paper we don't yet support, there is an innovative "Template Designer" feature where you can design up a simple or complex label for inclusion with Discus. By filling out some fields you create the layout for a new paper, email it to us, and before you know it you have an updated version of the software with your label.