“You can't imagine how excited I am about this software. I spent 30 years in television, have an Emmy nomination, Addy Awards, Telly Awards, an Aurora Award and now I am able to transfer my best work to DVD on the Apple and the best thing, I'm making lables for my DVDs that look like they deserve awards.”
    - S. Brooks, Winters TX

“Discus is, bar none, the best labelling software I have come across (and I've tried them all.) for Mac OS X! Period. No contest! I smile every time I launch it because it is so easy, versatile, and downright fun to use. My first CD label was gorgeous, thanks to the wonderful artwork included with Discus, AND it was a perfectly registered fit the CD first time on that same first label. No wasted ink, paper, or labels. It's reassuring that, if needed, tweaking the registration is available and easy to use. Thanks again for a great product and above average customer service and support. I'm hooked on Discus. Keep up the outstanding work.”
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“First of all, I want to thank you for the greatest labelling program I have ever seen. The amount of capability you have built into this product is astounding, and the price is unbeatable. Thank you for a great product! It literally has changed my video production business.”
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    - F. Schmitt, Germany

“Thanks, Discuss is great software very user friendly and the graphics give one little or no reason to look for more.”
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“Discus is a fantastic software program. Keep up the great work. I'll spread the word about it, as I'm a member of the Apple Solution Experts and the Filemaker Solutions Alliance.”
    - P. Carrington, M.D., Rogers AR

“Ich habe mir die Software heute bestellt, da ich davon, durch die Demoversion sehr überzeugt bin. Ich habe lange in Deutschland versucht eine Software zu bekommen, aber leider nur Schrott. Von dieser Software bin ich begeistert. Ich freue mich schon darauf damit zu arbeiten.”
    - K. Kohler, Germany

“I really love the program. I have at least ten other labelling programs and by far this is the best one I own. Keep up the good work. Excellent Job. Thanks.”
    - R. Vasilinda, Johnstown PA

“It has some really beautiful backgrounds and designs...Now the only problem is, which one to choose! I love its ease of use, and especially all the different label layouts for a wide variety of manufacturers. Everytime I go to the store to buy labels they have different brands and layouts in stock. This program lets me buy with confidence. Thank you! :-)”
    - T. Iverson, Minneapolis, MN

“Great Product! I've used at least three other label programs and Discus is by far the best thought out.”
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“I have the 30 day demo of Discus. I don't need thirty days to know a good product which does everything I need to produce classy labels for my CDs. ”
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“..a terrific product...you have the BEST CD labelling program around, bar none. I have tried them all, both shareware and commercial. No one can touch it.”
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“I have been using Discus for a few months now and I absolutely love your product. It does exactly what I want it to do and is very easy to use. I have deleted all other label making software as Discus is all I need. Thank you for a really great product.”
    - S. Cassi, Milford CT

“It is a terrific program--very intuitive, easy to use, very stable, and prints like a dream! And you don't even have to install it--works great right off the CD. Plus, it's one of the few programs of its type that is actually fun to use. Kudos to the programmers who did this wonderful work. I will recommend Discus to everyone I know who can use a CD label program.”
    - J. Heck, Delaware OH

“What an absolutely brilliant program this is.... Believe me, I have tried many other commercial CD labelling kits... Thanks.”
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“I found Discus - and I'm delighted! What a pleasure - intuitive, elegant, flexible. Thank you :-) Congratulations on overall well designed software.”
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    - C. Peterson, University of Chicago, IL

“Wow was I impressed. Nice job, one of the best little programs I've seen in quite a while. Very intuitive, and immediate on screen feedback....very cool, makes that hack of a software that came with my S-- look like a joke (it's in the trash now). Keep up the great work.”
    - P. Murphey

“In my opinion, your program is the best available for labelling CDs, and I have recommended it. I love the large graphics selection and ability to create custom color patterns...a very good product.”
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“It has some really beautiful backgrounds and designs...Now the only problem is, which one to choose! I love its ease of use...”
    - T. Iverson, Minneapolis MN

“Discus is certainly the best of what I've found.”
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“If you are looking for a quality software application that truly "does it all" try out Discus.”
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“By the way this is GREAT software.. Best I have used yet...”
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“Thank you very much for taking the time to reply to me and I must say that of the 3 disc labeler programs on my desk to look into, yours is the easiest and more user friendly.”
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“I have received nothing but good comments on my CD and DVD labels and soon-to-be audio tape labels, too. I print out a good deal of "home industry" multi-media packages to friends and co-workers and they are all impressed by the "professionalism" I've been able to achieve using the Magic Mouse Discus program.”
    - J. Barker, Ventura CA

“IÕve been using Discus for Mac X for a few months now and itÕs the easiest software for CD labelling IÕve tried! ItÕs great!”
    - R. Perez, NY

“ best CD labelling program I ever used.”
    - D. Beauchemin Greene RI

“ You have come up with the perfect combination of user-friendly E-Z, with the ability to customize to my heart's content. Rock on.”
    - J. Erlewine, Athens OH

“ Am enjoying Discus label maker, by the way. It is incredibly user friendly, and that's important to me in working with this age group! Thanks again!”
    - R. Ellis, Bordentown NJ

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“I use Discus for other things as well, and have found that it is by far the easiest program of its type I've ever run across.”
    - Mike McReynolds, El Granada CA

“Just a short note of mega praise for your Discus Labeler 2.73. Didn't know that making professional CD labels and covers could be so fast and easy.”
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“The best Labeler I have seen keep up the good work.”
    - P. Hargroves, UK

“Thanks for the really great software. I'm an audio engineer in the Bay area, and I burn a lot of CDs. Your software saves me so much time, and looks really good. It's one of my favorite toys, especially for making 'gift' CDs for friends.”
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“I just want to take this opportunity to let you know how much I love your software! It ROCKS! I look forward to making back-up CDs, just so I can create a label and/or jewel box insert, because that means I get to use Discus--woo hoo!”
    - R. Pipes, San Francisco CA

“The new designs in DISCUS are amazing and it is fun just playing around with it. The easyness of use is unsurpassed.”
    - D. Belzer, Germany

“I just loaded your product into my iMac and messed around a bit then printed my first label. Oh MAN! WOW. What an awesome product. Works just like you said it would and even better! This is the first time I have ever been impressed enough to e-mail about a software package. Great job! Keep up the great work.”
    - L. Pugh, Mesa AZ

“I'm continually astounded by Discus. I did a label yesterday that included a lot of photos and it was so easy to use & layout with the aid of the crop tool. I was using S-- before I discovered Discus and it's not even in the same league as Discus. S-- was really a PC program that was thrown together for MAC users. Everytime I used it, it gave me much heartache. I threw the disk out as soon as Discus arrived.”
    - T. Lopez, Tampa FL

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    - K. Schwartz, Seaview WA

“Thank you for the quick and thorough response! I shall buy Discus & be freed of the font bug & loosed from the shackles of I--'s our-stickers-only tyranny! Sorry to gush, but I have really developed quite a *thing* for your software & can't wait to cook up even more comps so I'll have an excuse to print more stickers.”
    - S. Schickler, Seattle WA

“I just received Discus and can't tell you how great it is. I LOVE THIS PROGRAM!!!!!. I was using the other version so much I was running out of designs. And now I am ready to burn, baby, burn.”
    - M. DiOrio, Milwaukee WI

“I must say that I believe Discus is the BEST cd label maker, jewel case card creator, business card maker on the planet. It is so simple and straightforward to use and the artwork is FANTASTIC. Discus is simply the BEST of all of the cd labelling software products for Mac and Windows.”
    - G. Triptree, Little Ferry NJ

“I received my upgrade copy of Discus today and am so delighted with it that I just had to write and thank you. When you only spend 20 dollars on a product such as this you don't have high expectations for the quality of the program or the artwork. Both are superb!”
    - A. Whatley, England

“I have tried other software for preparing CD labels, etc . This (Discus) is so superior to all the others and it works flawlessly with Mac OS X. I popped in the disk and was making edgy and gorgeous labels in minutes. The process is SO intuitive. Congratulations on creating a simple yet elegant product!”
    - T. Dowlan, Yosemite CA

“Just wanted to drop a line and say that I love Discus, and I think it's the best Label/Jcard program I've seen for the consumer market.”
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    - P. Schwotzer, Colorado Springs CO

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