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Version 4 - Use a powerful tool to create and print CD/DVD labels, CD case covers and inserts, DVD box covers and inserts, and other related projects. Produce a great looking label in less than two minutes!

Discus ships on a cross-platform DVD which includes versions for Mac OS X, and Windows; Windows 10 and OSX 10.13 (High Sierra) ready.

Discus supports all direct-to-CD printers, as well as thousands of kinds of die cut papers.  Import your own photos and artwork, or use the vast collection of backgrounds we supply.

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Warning! We are seeing scattered reports of printing-related crashes in the latest OSX 10.14 (Mojave). We do not recommend you update to the very first release of a new OSX, because Apple usually takes several updates to stabilize the system. During this time your productivity can be ruined. It was a tough few months while Apple was shaking down 10.13, and we expect the same painful process in 10.14. Operating system bugs can only be fixed by Apple, and they have over 100,000 unsolved problems in their bug database, so what is a crucial bug for our little program, is an insignificant drop in their ocean of problems. Discus is compatible with Mac OSX from 10.3 to 10.13.


NOW FREE! - Fun for the whole family. In honor of Jack McFarland who just passed away, a loyal friend and model human being, we are now offering Flying Colors free of charge! We gladly accept donations, and we do sell expansion packs to add to your enjoyment. Windows and Mac Classic only.

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 Latest version 4.29 update available. Just added support for the latest CD/DVD/Blu-ray printers like the Canon Pro-100.

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Discus 4 updated - Discus 4 is the best labelling software available. With exciting and unique features like photo collage, new text layouts, a symbol layer with all the DVD symbols, export features and hundreds of other improvements, find out how here much better it is!


 Attention Epson Printer Users - Discus supports all the direct CD printing equipped inkjet printers like Brother, Epson Expression and PRO-100 series. Follow these easy steps to get it to work, if you know a simple trick.